1/ Hello
Good morning. Thanks for coming today. Iím Hakim, product engineer for Pear Industry. We want to kick off 2015 by introducing a truly magical and revolutionary product. But before discussing about it, letís talk about Pear history (here my colleague speaks)

2/ Product annoucement
Don't you ever dream to know all your lessons by heart? Assimilate hundred and hundred pages without spending hours to read it ?

When I was younger, I spent many hours reading my lessons, making revisions sheets, and watching people enjoy the weather. You know what I meanÖ
And today, 20 years later, nothing has changed, students always lose so much time reading their books with more or less good results. It's time to change things.

So letís recapitulate (here I recapitulate the things I said)

Ladies and gentlemen, weíd like to show you today, for the first time, a revolutionary product that will change everything. We call it: Neurolyser.

The Neurolyser is the result of many years of research and development. Let me show to you now what it looks like and how does it work.

As you see, the Neurolyser is a helmet but not any helmet. Itís a NEURAL helmet. It has electrodes that stimulate the neural connections by electrical impulses.

As you can see behind, there is a little external hard drive, equipped with a rechargeable battery and a USB port.

A neuralyzer inserts data, by USB key, in the memory of somebody, putting him under a hypnotic state, making him susceptible to implantation of new information.

Isnít that great?

There are different neuralyzer models with different design. You have a very wide choice.

The price is $ 1200, and will be distributed in our Pear Store (Four hundred stores all over the world), on our website or through the thousand of Pear resellers as: Walmart, Amazon or Tesco.

Please, now listen to the account of a man who tested the Neurolyser and shared his impressions.