I'll explain why I'm asking first- I'm a linguistics student, and I'm going to be doing a presentation in class about the dialects of the UK.
I'm going to ( if I can work up the nerve) do a demonstration on several main classes of dialects- RP, West Country, Yorkshire, Newcastle.. etc, and I want to know how these sound.

They are Yorkshire and General English ( not exactly RP but close) respectively. Please don't be too harsh, but if it's absolutely cringeworthy, let me know.
I'm going on about a phone because it's the only thing I could think to talk about, it's just random thoughts to keep the speech going.

BTW, these links are no spammy, downloading requests, this is a straight link to the sound:
http://yourlisten.com/sten4556/voice00014 Yorkshire


http://yourlisten.com/sten4556/voice00006- RP general