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    Can you verify this Certificate.I am not sure if all the words and tenses are applied correctly.

    Centre or (School) of Foreign Languages ....................


    This Confirmation or (Certificate) is issued to (name)
    And confirms that he/she has attended an English Course and obtained the Level of English Language: Pre-Intermediate.

    Study Period: from: 02.09.2013
    to: 30.05.2014

    Subject: English Language
    Level: Pre-Intermediate

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    Re: Certificate

    I would have thought that a language college would have the experts to write or proofread a document like this.

    A certify would normally go:

    Certificate of Completion

    This is to certify that xxxxxx has successfully completed and passed English Language Pre-Intermediate Level.

    Period of Study : 2 September 2013 - 30 May 2014 (month in full words, not numbers)

    not a teacher

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