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    "Wired out of one's box"

    Hello everybody!

    Do you know the meaning of the expression to get wired out of one's box in the following text ('London' is the name of a character and not the city):

    He never touched the product [...] no rock, no stones, no crack [...]
    London saw the punters, he also saw his fellow runners and dealers. Saw them all getting wired out of their boxes. Wired so they saw things that weren't there.
    Will Self, The Rock of Crack as Big as The Ritz

    I think I understand the meaning but I'd like to know a bit more. What kind of people use this expression? what register is it?
    The action takes place in Jama´ it Jama´can slang?

    That's all.
    Thank you very much indeed.

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    Re: "Wired out of one's box"

    Very high on drugs- if you're out of your box, you are intoxicated, and if you are wired, you are nervous and very active, so together they suggest a lot of drugs.


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