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    Settlement of operating costs? British English

    This question refers to property management.

    I'd like to know whether there is an English equivalent for the German term 'Betriebskostenabrechnung'. When you rent a flat in Germany you will get an invoice or statement once a year listing the costs of water, gardening, repairs, insurance etc for your flat. When I want to describe this action as a property manager's task, what should I say?

    1) settlement of operating costs (or is this actually the action of paying the bill?)
    2) preparing statements of operating costs/ service charges
    3) settlement of operating cost accounts

    SoothingDave has already given me the following very helpful answer for American English:

    "The process would be an annual reconciliation. The documents would be something like a "statement of annual
    operating expenses."
    So, something like "Invoice for Reconciliation of Annual Operating Expenses."
    The analogous situation I am familiar with is the way we can pay for natural gas use on a monthly budgeted
    basis. You use more in the winter than in the summer, but the gas companies will bill you a steady amount
    every month. Once per year, you have to reconcile one way or the other to return the actual balance to zero."

    Now I'd just like to know what you'd say in the UK.
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