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    Question what does mean 'Be your charming self' ?

    Hello. I'm a student and not an native speaker. I heard this phrase several times on various TV shows, yet I don't have a clue what exactly this phrase means. Recently I saw this in a comic book. Here is the context.

    [Two men are making some kind of scheme]
    Mafia (subordinate): "How will I get the device inside the city?"
    The boss: "Just be your charming self. I'm sure you'll find a way." (emphasis on 'self')

    Could 'be your charming self' mean 'be good/be lovely/be friendly to others"? And I wonder why he emphasized 'self'. Is it ok If I take this sarcastically? for instance, 'Use your tricks as your usual self'.

    I'm really sorry I'm asking such an ambiguous question, but I don't have any native speakers around me who can answer my question. Thank you for your helps in advance.

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    Re: what does mean 'Be your charming self' ?

    I am not a teacher.

    'Be your charming self' means 'be as you are naturally, without artifice, in other words charming'.

    It's the word 'yourself' split into two words, with the adjective inserted between them. It may or may not be sarcastic; that depends on what the speaker thinks.

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    Re: what does mean 'Be your charming self' ?

    Usually, we say to people "Just be yourself". The speaker, in this case, decided to split the word into two and insert and adjective between the two halves. This can be taken to extremes: Just be your charming, lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, intelligent, vibrant, irresistible self!
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