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    Hi guys how are you doing?

    I am practicing in writing a narrative paragraph. i still can not understand how to use a trasitional phrases. so, please guys i need your help. here is the following my true story narative paragraph.

    My Wife is my Childhood Sweetheart

    My wife was my sweetheart in elementary school. We were next-door neighbors and attended the same school. She was the first girl to whom I gave a cute kiss on the cheek when we were seven years old. By the time when I was twelve years old, I moved to another town with my parents, and then we lost all our contact. Twenty years later, we met again on face book. I was shocked! Because I did not expect to meet my childhood sweetheart on face book and it was amazing. Next, we started talking and chatting almost every single day because we had been through a lot. After that, we started dating regularly and had a chance to move in together for about six months. Since it was not the right thing to do religiously, we moved out. Subsequently, I kept asking her to marry me and it took us one year to tie the knot. On June 2, 2010, her parents invited my parents for dinner and on this occasion; I went to her room with a ring and asked her to marry me. She said, "Yes I do." After that, we went to our parents and made announcement. They became very happy and excited. Finally, our wedding day held on July 4, 2010 at home. It was simple, lovely, and happy ending marriage.

    Thank you
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