Good Day Sir/Maam!

I have a qualitative data which is something like a story telling (different story in each paragraph). I admit it this is my weakness (qualitative data) that Iím trying to overcome.

Kindly help me check or correct if my story in each paragraph is good enough.

Thank you very much

Paragraph 1
There was a woman who approached me several times and asked for help. She always asked me for a one ganta of rice. Sometimes they asked me not just only rice but even medicines and I donít expect them to pay for it. There were times that we donít have enough supplies to help them and to prevent them from disappointments I always say "Pardon us". There were also some families who have been asked me for help because their income is isn't enough to provide their everyday needs. They donít have stable jobs, so their salaries are insufficient.

Paragraph 2
Last year my Boss's grandmother died, their family helped me a lot. I donít even know what help should I give so I just helped them in some household works without any payment in return.

Paragraph 3
My friend borrowed money from me, because she had no money to pay her hospital bills so I gave her even just for a small amount. That friend of mine is kind, so that I helped her. Sometimes she helps me and spent her time for me so I return the favor.

Paragraph 4
I helped a friend of mine whose husband got died because of high blood. But after those worst cases, I'm still here for her to support her financially and mentally. Other people idolized me because of the sacrifices I did to her. I'm proud for myself.

Paragraph 5
When I was a barangay health worker in our barangay. I helped others who were sick and who donít have the capability to go to the hospital because they donít have money. I also help them to fix the needed papers that the hospital wants. I feel happy and good every time I help other people.

Paragraph 6
I have a friend that who needed help because his wife is about to give birth so I escorted them to the hospital I monitored/checked his wife. I have another friend who needed help for financial and lend him I can give. And I have another friend that has a problem in his birth certificate registration so I helped him to arranged/fix his birth certificate.

Paragraph 7
My Aunt asked me for money because she needed to buy rice for their meal and also to provide school allowance for her children. And if I have something to lend, I am giving it to her as means of helping her

Paragraph 8
Last year, we got our new neighbors, they were poorer that us. Sometimes they approached me and ask for food to eat, even if we don't have that much food, I still helped them. My husband is only a garbage collector but our willingness to help others will forever remain in ourselves. Even they do not yet ask for food, we initiative to help them.