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    Some somplex sentences

    Hi everybody.

    Please read some further sentences. Do these sentenses sound normally to native? Are they correct and easy to understand for native speakers in case they swiftly read it only once?
    Please pay attention to the last sentence. I think something is wrong with it (because the word 'imagery' is used twice and because of the adjective 'evocative'. What word is described by this adjective in this sentence?)

    If these sentences look weird, could anybody improve them?

    It is the part of an article from the Wikipedia.
    Thank you in advance!

    Truman used disease imagery not only to communicate a sense of impending disaster in the spread of communism but also to create a "rhetorical vision" of containing it by extending a protective shield around non-communist countries throughout the world. It echoed the "quarantine the aggressor" policy Roosevelt sought to impose to contain German and Japanese expansion in 1937--("quarantine" suggested the role of public health officials handling an infectious disease). The medical metaphor extended beyond the immediate aims of the Truman Doctrine in that the imagery combined with fire and flood imagery evocative of disaster provided the United States with an easy transition to direct military confrontation in later years with communist forces in Korea and Vietnam.
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    Re: Some somplex sentences

    1 There's nothing wrong with repeating the word, especially as the paragraph is about imagery.
    2 fire and flood imagery

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