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Thread: preposition

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    Question preposition

    which preposition should I use before these words?
    e.g : The ocean is .... north .

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    Re: preposition

    Please note the difference between these two sentences.

    (a) Russia lies on the north of Korea.
    (b) Cheju island lies to the south of the Korean peninsula.

    If something is directly connected with something, 'on' is correct.
    ex)He sat on the left of me.

    However, if something is put in between, 'to' is correct.
    ex)He sat to the left of me.

    Usually, in regard with 'the ocean', that "The ocean is to the north" is used, because there could be between the ocean and a land, for example islands or so?( Just my guess! )

    I hope it helps!
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