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    I need clarification!

    I always have troubles with this grammar... or words arrangement. I don't know how to explain it but let me give some examples and ask a question for each:

    Eight family members own an iPhone. (Does this mean each member of the family own an iPhone? So 8 in total... OR do ALL EIGHT MEMBERS own ONE iPhone?)

    The kids' toy (Does this imply one toy from each kid OR one toy that ALL THE KIDS SHARE? How would you write in a way, using apostrophe, to talk about a group of people and each member of the group possesses THE SAME ITEM? I feel like "Kids' toys" implies multiple toys that the group of kids share, not individually like one toy per kid.)

    I have talked about this with my English Teacher two years ago... still it was not clarified to me... I am still having troubles trying to understand it.
    Please help me out! I am so grateful exists...

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    Re: I need clarification!

    Please note that a better title would have been Eight family members own an iPhone.

    It means they all share one iPhone (which sounds like a recipe for disaster).

    'Eight family members each own an iPhone' means they have one each.

    Please ask the unrelated question in a separate thread with the title The kids' toy.

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