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    How can I improve this paragraph from my essay?

    The theory of the Law of Conservation of Mass dates back to the late 18th century, where French chemist, Antoine Lavoisier was the founder. Antoine Lavoisier was born in Paris, and was going to become a lawyer. He did study law, but he was more inclined to study science. Lavoisier was only 22 when he received a prize from the French Academy of Science for the invention a new system of street lighting in Paris. Lavoisier became a tax collector, and he was also devoting his time to scientific studies and chemistry. Lavoisier was the founder of modern chemistry. Lavoisier and his wife would conduct many experiments to demonstrate the conservation of mass.All of his experiments were a closed system, meaning nothing can get in, and nothing can get out. He did that so he wouldn't lose any mass, or gain any mass. While experimenting the conservation of mass, he sealed a glass container containing fruit. He measured its mass, then left it in a warm place for a few days to rot. When he came back, the fruit did rot and a gas was released from the decomposition, but nothing escaped the container. A lot of change has happened in that container,but when he massed the container, the mass has not changed. In many other experiments, he noticed changes in appearance, but no change in mass, which concluded to the Law of Conservation of Mass. Lavoisier continued in many other experiments throughout his life, and did many things in his days, which led to his success in science. In May 1794, the Tribunal of the French Revolution was the end of his life, where he was accused of plotting against the government and having stolen large amounts of money which should have gone to the state, which were false accusations. Although, since there were so much hatred towards him, he was executed.
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    Re: How can I improve this paragraph from my essay?

    When are you going to submit your essay to be marked?
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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