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    Post I need someone who correct my mistakes on my professionals profiles.

    I need to correct following text:

    Proffesional aim: work in IT industry

    I am specialist in .NET framework(C#).
    I have knowledge and experience in WinForms,ASP.NET,ASP.NET MVC
    In creating objective applications area I have knowledge in following topics:
    - OOA&D principles,SOLID principles.
    - Object oriented developing methodologies:
    Plan Driven Development,Agile
    - unit testing,mocking,TDD
    - design patterns
    (basics and architectural(MVC,MVP) )
    - Domain Driven Design
    - n-layer applications
    Knowledge in programming environments: VS
    Konwledge in database area:
    - designing ERD schema
    - SQL (T-SQL)
    Knowledge in web sites description languages:
    - CSS
    Knowledge in sripts languages and libraries:
    - JS

    I am interestested in :
    physics,math,software architecture,popular science literature( books and
    magazins(Wiedza i Życie,Scientific American)

    I don't like job where I have to often do the same things in the same way. I am very interested in science and I love learning. I like work in team, trying thinking as much as
    my abilities allow. I don't try forcing to be leader . My psychological profile:
    indyvidualist in thinking,member of team in acting.
    I always try to discuss my ideas with others members of team.
    I accept others ideas without feeling failure if they give me convincing arguments.
    From recent time i write two blogs:

    Analyst Specialist
    responsible for creating analytical applications which improved staff work in all Kolporter Holding(ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC,WinForms)

    .NET Developer
    responsible for developing .NET web application(ASP MVC) which allowed obtaining information and hints for collection of Office tools(Excel,Word,Power Point and others ).

    .NET Developer
    resposible for developing collection of .NET web applications(ASP MVC) based on Domain Driven Development methodology allowing changing text on web sites to speech
    (text-to-speech technology -Loquendo API).

    - responsible for developing and maintaing .NET logistic application which improve staff work in all departments(directors,sales representatives,couriers,warehouse persons)
    - entering trade agreements to the inner system
    - helping staff from departments in using inner sytem applications.

    Thank yoy in advance.
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    Re: I need someone who correct my mistakes on my professionals profiles.


    I like to work as part of a team.

    There is one "f" in "professional".

    I will look at it some more later.

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