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    enhance your “ownership experience

    In the not-too-distant future, everyday objects such as shoes, carpets, and toothbrushes will contain technology that collects information. You will then be able to personalize these objects, allowing them to change physical state like color or respond to your daily mood. They will also be able to exchange data with

    In other words, what were once just ordinary objects For example, your toothbrush will be capable of analyzing your breath and booking an appointment with your doctor if it detects the smell of lung cancer will be increasingly ....Manufacturers will use the information generated by these smart products to sell you other
    services or enhance your “ownership experience.

    How would manufacturers sell other services and enhance your ownership experience? I can think of other services related to your symptom or disease detected by a smart object, but I can't think of enhanced ownership.
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    Re: enhance your “ownership experience

    I take 'enhance the ownership experience' to mean 'enhance the experience of owners'.

    Not a teacher.

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