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    significantly decreased

    Imagine that a study on the effects of drinking coffee comes out
    in the news. The study suggests that drinking at least three cups a
    day significantly improves attention and memory.
    (B) A woman reads this study and immediately increases her
    morning coffee ritual to three cups. For the next month she thinks
    she is more attentive and remembering things better because shes
    drinking more coffee.
    Then she reads a newer study that says drinking more than
    two cups of coffee a day is linked to significantly decreased
    attention and heightened anxiety.

    Does this "significantly" describe "linked to" or "decreased
    attention and heightened anxiety."? It's confusing!

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    Re: significantly decreased

    *Not a teacher.

    I thinks "significantly" describe "decreased attention and heightened anxiety".

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    Re: significantly decreased

    Quote Originally Posted by MS3330 View Post

    I think "significantly" describes "decreased attention and heightened anxiety".

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