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    family friends

    When I was very young, my mother owned a cafe in a small town. A homeless fellow had been camping on the outskirts of town and one day he came into the cafe and told my mother he could only afford a very small meal. My mom said, "Keep your money. If you like, you can do some maintenance. I'll pay you what I can, plus meals, until you can get back on your feet." Frank, the homeless man, eventually found a full-time job in a nearby town, met a lady who became his wife, and they became family friends. Mom's example of kindness has been remembered all my life, and I hope that along the way I've been living up to that example.
    When you say someone is a "family friend", does it mean he or she is the friend of all your family members?

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    Re: family friends

    Usually, though not necessarily a friend of the extended family.

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