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    please ??

    Please see the attached file.
    - In the attached file Green Color means I already corrected and you are done with that part.
    -Blue color means it needs some corrections .

    Chapter 1
    1.Personal selling : occurs when a company representative interacts directly with a customer to present information about a product or service.(My friend sells fabric in the mall ).
    2.Product: is broadly defined as information, service, ideas, and issues.(our factory produces a new computers).
    3.Psychic income:(psychological rewards) gained from a selling career may include recognition and security.( I work in Riyadh and sometimes my manager send me for Dammam and gives me in the end of the month bonus in my salary).
    4.Value-added selling: is defined as a series of creative improvements in the sales process that enhance the customer experience.( I sell iphone 6 plus and I give my customer a gift accessories with it).
    5- ?

    1.Presentation strategy: A well -developed plan that includes preparation of the sales presentation objectives understanding the buying process, and renewing one's commitment to provide outstanding customer service.(The engineer presents a well organized plan to his customer about the company product’s features).
    2.Transactional selling: is the sale process that serves the buyer primarily interested in price and convenience.(My friend usually buys packs of water bottle from supermarket).
    3.Strategic planning: is the managerial process that matches the firm's resources to its market opportunities.(The sales manager has a plan to increase the number of the his customers 15 % each year in the next five years).

    4.Tactics: are techniques, practices, or methods you use when you are face-to-face with a customer.(guerrilla tactics were employed during most of the war). Guerrilla is not a customer, right?
    5.Customer strategy: A carefully conceived plan that will result in maximum responsiveness to the customer's needs.(the company announces a customer strategy for selling). What customer strategy does the company announce?
    1.Dominance: is the tendency to command, control, or prevail over others.(dominance means ruling people)(that’s a definition).What is your example?
    2.The supportive style: combines low dominance and high sociability.(some managers prefer supportive style). Like a secretary in most companies.
    3.The direct style: combines high dominance and low sociability.(one of the most common style is direct style) like VP in government agencies.
    4.The emotive style :combines high sociability and high dominance.( emotive style can cause many problem). Like Operah Winfrey’s talk show.
    5. Sociability: is the tendency to seek and enjoy interaction with other.(people always look for sociability).
    1.Product strategy: is a well-conceived plan that emphasizes becoming a product expert, selling specific benefits, and configuring value-added solutions.(Anyone thinks in future is strategic person). Example should be about product strategy not a strategic person. Sales Engineer could be an example.
    2.Product development: the original idea for a product is tested, modified, and retested before being offered to the customer.(Someone wants to sell his car must clean it before selling).
    3.Organizational culture: is a collection of beliefs, behaviors, and work patterns held in common by people employed at a specific firm.( In institute of public administration all of employees wear chmagh ).
    4.Product feature: is any feature of the product that you can feel, see, or measure.( Samsung made big screen for Galaxy S4).
    5.Product benefit: is whatever provides the customer with personal advantage or gain.( Jacket protects from the cold).
    1. Positioning: involves the decisions, activities, and communication strategies that are direct toward trying to create and maintain a firm's intended product concept in the customer's mind.( our company is in a good positioning). What company are you working for?
    2.Value proposition: is the set of benefits and values the company promises to deliver to customers to satisfy their needs.(the value proposition for this car is SR 150,000).
    3.Quantity discount: lower price for purchasing in multiple units.(Extra makes discount 40% for machines).
    4.Seasonal discount: price changes over time to match changing demand.( In summer, we used to make seasonal discount).
    5. Expected product: is everything that represents the customer's minimal expectations.(you must tell us the expected product). This is not an example
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    Re: please ??

    Your factory makes new computers? You mean they don't make old ones?

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