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    motivation letter

    please i want you to check my motivation letter would any one help me to make it better .
    Mr. Ahmad Alchikh

    . Albaladeh street
    Rural Damascus

    [email protected]
    Dear Sir or Madam,

    The best thing in war is the end of it and because it's demolishes every culture and civilization landmarks there is no way for salvation unless working to gather by get more education and knowledge and improve our qualifications and skills to help our countries.
    I would like to apply for the “Leadership for Syria” Scholarship program from DAAD to get opportunity to have a master degree in Economic and management science . I believe my motivation can be illustrated by my studies, professional experience and my interest in the development of third world economies and a growing need to take an active role in the strategies to rebuilding and developing them .

    I have always been thinking about my future, building a career, becoming a successful person and generally finding my own path .After graduating from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Damascus in 2012 the Syrian crisis was in the second year and features of the deterioration in the economic aspect seemed clear and predicted more in the future, in the time that I would like to complete my studies But the conditions were not appropriate at that time it's didn't allow me to join a master program in my university and there was a second reason Prevented me from completing the study that I did not find the master's program, which I would like to learn because I want to study more about the economics of developing countries .

    Actually recently I can't put myself in the subject of study and I don't have a funding to study in Germany. I hope to get this scholarship to traveling to Germany and continue my high education because Germany is a leading country in Europe and German educational system is one of the most renowned and famous. Organized, with very good infrastructures, very good teaching staff, perspectives for the students and interesting research work.
    The academic environment, the opportunities you are given to learn and improve at your field are also very attractive facts.

    I like social activities and working with other people and I am a volunteer in Syrian Arab Red Crescent since 2012 .

    Ideally, once I get my master degree, I would like to return to Syria to work at an international organization, such as United Nations , or at the local government in the Economic Development Ministry And it would be most appealing to pursue an academic career, teaching at a university.

    Thank you for considering my application, and I look forward to your favorable reply.

    Yours sincerely,

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    Re: motivation letter

    I am afraid the print is too small. (The default font is just fine.) Also, you need to make shorter, simpler sentences.

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