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    As much as & As many as

    Hi, can anyone explain why I use "much" for countable and uncountable nouns in sentence 1 & 2, but I need "many" for the countable nouns in 3, and "much" for the uncountable nouns in 4? The only thing I can think of is in 1 and 2 we're talking about degree and in 3 and 4 the nouns. I'm lost!

    1. I consider James a friend as much as a colleague.
    2. They like rice as much as pasta.

    3. I have as many friends as you.
    4. I have as much rice as you.


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    Re: As much as & As many as

    In 3 and 4, the "much" or "many" is referring to the quantities of the thing being discussed. How many friends? How much rice?

    In 1 and 2, the phrase "as much as" is serving to equate two things. 2 is not saying that they have as much rice as they have pasta. It is comparing their feelings about rice to their feelings about pasta. 1 is not saying that you have as many friends as you do colleagues. It is saying that you consider him equally to be a "friend" and a "colleague."
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