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    the whole truth (whole + uncountable)


    All the with uncountable nouns
    We use all the and not the whole with uncountable nouns:
    She was given all the advice she needed.
    Not: She was given the whole advice …
    All the equipment is supplied.

    It says that we cannot use 'the whole' with uncountable nouns, but I see so many sentences with 'the whole truth'. I feel confused. How is it possible?

    Just a sentence in it:

    - She didn't grasp the whole truth of it.


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    Re: the whole truth (whole + uncountable)

    There can be "truths" and "half-truths." So it is not always strictly uncountable.

    When a person is sworn into court (at least in the US, based on watching TV), he/she is asked to swear "to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

    "I saw him push that old lady down onto the sidewalk" could be "truth."

    The fact that he did so in order to push her out of the way of an oncoming bus is "the whole truth."

    In your example sentence, the person has understood the "truth" only in a superficial manner. She has not yet thought about the implications and consequences of the truth.

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