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    Question Need help

    Could you please help me out with this exercise? The red are my choices. Please let me know if they're correct.
    Thank you so much!

    Q2: Eachlinguistic feature on the left can be related to a speaker’s accent and/ordialect. Match the columns.

    a. Omission of the definite article (e.g. “I wentto café”):
    Either accent or dialect
    b. Vocabulary choice (e.g. “nappy” vs “diaper”):
    Dialect only
    c. Rising the intonation at the end of thestatement:
    Accent only
    • Dialect only
    • Either accent or dialect
    • Accent only

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    Re: Need help

    Welcome to the forum, Joseph.

    We don't help with students' assignments until your teacher has checked your own efforts.


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