hi, for English work I need to write this paragraph (below) in phonemic symbols, but in a welsh accent like in the episode, Gavin and Stacey, Series 1, Episode 3.

He died. firing squad. terrible way to go, stace and I wouldn't like to see it happen to you. smugglers, we were. and if it weren't for my relationship with John Prescott, I'd still be in that jail now. so yeah, in answer to you question, id say no, don't tell him.
this is what I wrote

/i: daɪd. faɪrɪn skwɒd. terrɪbl weɪ tu: gəʊ steɪs n aɪ wʊdnt laɪk tu: si: ɪt pn tu: ju:. smʊglz wi: wɜ:. ɪf ɪ wɜ:rt fʊə maɪ rri:leɪʃnʃɪp wɪ ʤɒn preskɒt d stɪl bi: ɪn t ʤaɪl raɪt nw. səʊ je ɪn nsə tu: jʊə kweʃtn d seɪ nəʊ dnt tel ɪm./

would you say this is correct for a welsh accent (I'm going off how they say it in the episode not standard English)

Hope you can help

Many thanks