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    What does "a hang-off" mean

    Hello everybody!

    I have not heard from you for a long time.

    I am in the course of translating into Polish a manual about medium-voltage cables for wind turbines. It has to do with offshore structures.

    Here are two extracts where the word "hang-off(s)" occurs in the text.

    Primary cable suport rails

    To suport the array cables from the hang-offs to the connection unit, vertical primary cable support rails must be fitted between the airtight platform and the termination platform.

    Sign plates at hang-off suport structures

    A sign plate must be tied onto each hang-off support structure. The sign plate must be tied to one of the earthing bracket holes (located on each hang-off) by means of nylon/steel wire.

    Thank you. I have no idea what the author is talking about.

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    Re: What does "a hang-off" mean

    A "hang-off" is a means of supporting the weight of an undersea cable which rises vertically out of the sea to connect with the internal cabling of (in your case) a wind turbine. In the case of a monopile (single pile) wind turbine, the undersea cable will often be fed up the inside of the structure to a specially reinforced internal floor, where the outer casing of the cable is gripped tightly to support its considerable weight hanging below. The cable literally hangs from the "hang-off". At, or immediately above that point, there is normally a connection made with the lighter internal cabling of the turbine. Some other platforms have external "hang-offs" attached to the outside the superstructure, with the undersea cable hanging outside.
    Hope that's some help to you.

    By the way, my Avatar does not represent an offshore wind turbine. It's a very small picture of me, in my foolish youth, clinging to the top of a very slippery pole far out in the North Sea, while my friends in the boat decided whether or not to pick me up that night....
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