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    V + O + V-ING

    I started learning English 3 months ago. I'm currently studying grammar.
    I read a book about the problem of structural using : S + V + O + V-ing.
    it introduces some verbs :

    "call, catch, discover, feel, find, hear, get, imagine, keep, leave, notice, see, send, set, stop, watch, while, if."

    but this book didn't mention all examples of this verb. Can you help me add the examples of all this verb? and can you give me other verbs similarly with that structure?

    ex : i felt him looking at me now and again. ( ex for verb : feel )
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    Re: V + O + V-ING

    I don't quite understand your question. "While" and "if" are not verbs, they are conjunctions.

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