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    For my school leaving exam I need some information about adjectives (that I can use in an itinerary and so forth.
    Itinerary will be about artists, expositions, exhibitions,....
    Can you help me?

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    Re: Itinerary

    Which artists, etc? Presumably, you need them for the desriptions, but that would depend very much on the style- it'd be wrong to head for 'cutting edge' and 'provocative' with an exhibition of Constable.

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    Re: Itinerary

    I will probably be about museums (or places to visit) in Vienna. But the focus is on painter`s exhibitions.
    I would need good adjectives (like stunning, amazing, eye-catching, wonderful,...)

    It also would be great if I could get a few examples (dont have to be about exhibitions) to get used to the style of an itinerary.


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