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    "in the tree" & "on the tree"

    I just learnt from some teachers and grammars that "in the tree" is always used in connection with the things that do not belong the tree. On the contrary, "on the tree" are present in relation to the things that originally grow on the tree. I would like to give instances as explanation. (Please point out them if there are any mistakes in my statement, above all grammatic. Thank you)
    1. Two birds are in the tree. ("on the tree" here is wrong)
    2. Many apples are on the tree. ("in the tree" here is wrong)
    Am I right or wrong? Thank you.
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    Re: "in the tree" & "on the tree"

    1. Birds perch on branches of the tree, so the in/on thing doesn't even come up.
    2. Yes, the apples grow on the tree.

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