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    Use of the definite article

    Hi all,

    Long time, no see! (Four years, actually.)

    I know articles have been discussed, pondered and contemplated many times at the forum. So please excuse me, but for us, non-native English speakers, they are a real pain and most of us do not have the 'feeling'... Hence again, here's a question about the definite article; sorry for it.

    One of the rules is to use the definite article when one defines or identifies a particular person or object. So, let's consider this sentence:

    Tests used for linear models are... (and '...' means whatever you want).

    What I see is, the sentence refers to all tests used for linear models. Thus, they are defined, so the sentence is incorrect. I should use the definite article before the "tests", shouldn't I?

    So, I should write

    The tests used for linear models are... (and '...' means whatever you want).

    Right or wrong?


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    Re: Use of the definite article

    They are both correct. A noun used without an article can have the same meaning as one preceded by a definite article. I know it is confusing.

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