I'm a french student, and for my english test, I will watch a video 3 times and I am going to do a summary of approximately 250 words in 1 hour.
So I practise, and I need your help to judge, first my understanding, secondly my grammar and vocabulary and also the organisation of the summary.

Here the video : http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p028nll3

And this my summary (no cheating, no Google...) :

Nowadays, people take a lot of pictures with their smartphones or their tablets.
So companies that developed pictures edition softwares, like Adobe, decided to launch applications on mobile devices, allowing to users to transform their images at fingertips.
Indeed, the application Adobe Clip offers the possibily to import a picture in order to manipulate it: users can select or cut an element, zoom on the image, add filters etc.
They can even take a picture of a real world and transform it into vectors for the virtual world.
Moreover, the application is user-friendly: it allows to move quickly and easily on the screen and offers only the most simple actions of edition. To do more difficult things, use of desk computer is adviced. Resolution of images is really attractive too.
Then, this application also offers to draw directly on the screen with a device which is look like a pen. Artists and illustators enjoy this new way to make art, because with this software and this device everything is possible: all the colors and any kind of tools are available at fingertips and it was not possible few years ago because mobile devices were not smart enough.
Thanks to these new kinds of applications, after take a picture of a landscape or a monument, we can even see what it looks like later or earlier in a day.
Can you help me to improve my skills, please?
Thank you very much.

See you!