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Thread: mixed stuff...

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    mixed stuff...

    1. Are the meaning behind these two sentences the same ?

    a) Do you think he's gonna live ?
    b) Do you think he will live ?

    2. Do we say :

    a) I want you TO move...
    b) I want you move...
    c) I want you moving...

    3. Are these the same :

    a) Are you ready ?
    b) You ready ?

    4."Tell me everything about your exam you have had/taken today"

    Should I rather use simple past? One could say that "the exam" is a (or the?) past event, already finished and belonging to the past. But on the other hand one might say that "today" is still going on so the usage of present perfect is ok. Please, tell me what I should do...

    5. "Have you had/taken your exam today ? or Did you have/take your exam today ?"

    The same thing as above... the same question.

    6. What if we added a phrase like "in the morning" ? Would it somehow affect the usage of tenses?

    7. Are these the same :

    a) It isn't working.
    b) It doesn't work.

    8. What's the difference between :

    a) It doesn't work (/isn't working) vs This doensn't work (/isn't working).
    b) This is a book vs It is a book.

    9. What's the difference between :

    a) What about the rule which says...
    b) What about the rule saying...

    10. What's the difference between :

    a) We've got to keep moving...
    b) We've got to keep on moving...

    11. Do we say :

    a) What if we add...
    b) What if we added...

    thanks in advance...
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    Re: mixed stuff...

    1 Yes
    2 a (c is also possible in certain contexts- I want you moving (= working, etc) by 10am.
    3 Yes, the second is just a colloquial ellipsis for the first
    4 took
    5 Present perfect if we don't know whether the exam was morning or afternoon, but if we think the answer's going to be 'yes', then the past makes more sense to me
    6 Yes- it would make it past
    7 No- it isn't working is only about now- it could work fine most days
    8 This refers to something in the area around the speaker
    9 Not much
    10 b suggests that they have been moving for a long time, while a could be used at the start of the move
    11 Both could be used- the first suggests a real possibility and the second an imaginary one

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