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    proverbs - Which one?

    Hi folks. Iīm studying proverbs by myself and there is an exercise which is troubling me. It goes like this:
    A- Say Kate. Are you enjoying Mrs. Kramerīs classes?
    B- Not really. You know, I donīt feel very comfortable most of the time.
    A- I already know you do but __________________________.
    B- Yeah, youīre right. By the way, weīre traveling for a competition in two months.
    Question 1- Can I say: I already know you do or should I say: I already know you donīt?
    Q-2 Which proverb can I use after but?
    a- Donīt burn your bridges behind you
    b- one personīs meat is another oneīs poison
    c- I can use both proverbs.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: proverbs - Which one?

    Hello JR

    You would say "I already know you don't", to echo "don't feel comfortable".

    Both proverbs would fit, in a loose sense; but I'm not sure that either is a particularly likely continuation.

    The "bridges" proverb expresses a warning, as if Kate were about to confront Mrs K in some way; but that's not explicit in the context.

    "One man's meat" is usually used as a gentle reminder that the addressee's opinions are subjective, or a reflection on a situation as a whole, where there are evidently conflicting parties; but in the dialogue here, it seems out of place, since the speaker seems quite sympathetic to Kate.

    That said, I can't think of a proverb that would fit the situation exactly! Maybe another member will know of one.


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