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    Pursuit of literature


    I am reading a story The Shining Pyramid by Arthur Machen and I have come acrros a phrase "the vain pursuit of literature."

    "And you are still engaged in the old task?" said Vaughan, pointing to
    the pile of papers and the teeming pigeon-holes.

    "Yes, the vain pursuit of literature, as idle as alchemy, and as
    entrancing. But you have come to town for some time I suppose; what
    shall we do to-night?"

    "Well, I rather wanted you to try a few days with me down in the west.
    It would do you a lot of good. I'm sure."

    Do I understand correctly the guy talking about "the vain pursuit of literature" wants to say he would like to be an author but does not have what it takes to be a one? Simply that his writing is on an amateur scale?

    Thanks if you try to help.

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    Re: Pursuit of literature

    Yes, that's the most likely meaning.

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