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    cars and highways

    Please clarify the following in red. From <<Leading the Life You Want>> by Stewart D. Friedman.

    Springsteen also began reading. Landau gave him books ... and suggested movies to watch. As David Remnick wrote in the New Yorker, "Springsteen started to think in larger terms than cars and highways; he began to look at his own story, his family's story, in terms of class and American archetypes."

    Of course, I know what cars and highways are. But there seems to be something that they symbolize here. Why is the writer saying "cars and highways" all of a suddern? Does it refer to an ordinary life that mostly pays attention to something material?
    And in the last part, should I read it like "in terms of class archetype and American archetype"?

    Thank you.

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    Re: cars and highways

    I think what this means is that before Springsteen was introduced to the culture of the books and movies given to him by Landau, he only thought about cars and highways, about freedom and the open road, almost in an idealistic way. Then he began to see the 'bigger picture' and think more about human relationships and the human condition.

    "In terms of class and American archetypes." I don't think you should read it as class archetype instead of how it is written. Springsteen began to ponder questions of class struggle, such as the problems of the working class, not class archetypes. 'American archetypes' means typical American characters, common people that might have influenced his work.

    I hope this helps!

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