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    in case + suppose

    Dear teachers,

    A/ in case:

    There are times when we can use “in case” but not others, why? e.g.

    1) We can say: “Don’t call me if you get into trouble!”
    Now what does this sentence mean exactly?

    a) You can call me any time except when you are in trouble.
    b) Don’t call me whatever the circumstances.

    2) But we can’t say “Don’t call me in case you get into trouble!” can we?

    3) Is the following sentence correct ?
    “Don’t call me but in case of trouble” ?
    B/ suppose:

    1) Can we put a question mark after a question starting with “suppose” ?
    Suppose something should go wrong ?

    2) When to choose between the indicative or a kind of subjunctive after “suppose” ? e.g.

    a) Suppose he doesn’t / didn't say a word ?
    b) Suppose something goes / should go / went wrong ?

    Many thanks,
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    Re: in case + suppose

    1 It assumes that the person won't call if there's no trouble, and would, therefore, allow them to call if nothing goes wrong, though the most likely idea is that they don't want a call.
    2 No
    3 Yes

    1 You can, but that is not a question to me.
    2 I'd follow the same logic of probability as the conditionals

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