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    Smile A Story About LGBT (13+ alert)

    Actually this is just some parts in my ongoing story about two LGBT couples, not the whole work. I'm continuing this when the final exams are over. For the time being, hope you can spare a moment to help me improve these paragraphs, and help me name the story, too. Thank you in advance.


    The lady was wearing a flowing black silk dress with elbow-length bishop sleeves, surplice neckline and chapel train. Her vivacious red hair was tied up in a neat low bun with a wisteria-shaped pearl headpiece, revealing her pale nape and her emerald necklace which seemed to go in set with her platinum bracelets. She was holding a glass of red wine in her right hand whose index finger was wearing a diamond ring, folding her right arm across her waist. The lady was standing uprightly, her back straightened in a military posture, clearly manifesting her outstanding height compared to other women in the hall.
    Castitas slowly approached her, unwillingly captivated by her mysterious charm. But only when he had stood in front of her with a formal smile did he manage to catch the lady's attention. She stared at him from top to toe with her lustrous electric-blue eyes sharply resembling that of an eagle. Her plump lips, applied a thin layer of frosted pink lipstick, curved into a slightly suggestive smile in response.
    "Pleased to meet you. My name is Heavengate Castitas."
    "Pleased to meet you, too. I am Demonseye Luxuria."
    The lady replied with her silvery voice which sounded quite similar to a ringing bell. Taken aback by the mismatch between the lady's indecent aura and her guiltless voice in a split moment, Castitas held out his right hand, remaining his friendly formal smile.
    "Then, lady Demonseye, may I have a dance with you?"
    As if she had been expecting this, the lady placed her wine glass on a glass table close by, gracefully put her soft long-fingered hand in his palm and took a step toward him.
    "My deepest honor, sir Heavengate."
    The woman with wavy vivacious-red hair sat up in a creamy-white bed, frostily glaring at the blonde man lying next to her. Her glittering electric-blue eyes shone with offence, plump scarlet lips scowled displeasedly. Irritatedly getting out of bed, she put on her floor-length fiery-red gown and muttered to the blonde in a husky voice.
    "I cannot believe you broke up with me for that human, not to mention during sex."
    The fair-haired man, watching her getting dressed with an amused gleam in his chartreuse eyes, smiled gently in reply.
    "Sorry, Luxuria. But I fell for Castitas through no fault of my own. After all, you have not yet any feelings for me since I started pursuing you five years ago, and you know I am not a patient guy."
    Bending down her gorgeous back to do up her carmine high-heel’s shoelaces, Luxuria scrunched her nose disparagingly and frowned on the blonde man. Noticing her unfriendly death stare, he tilted his head innocently.
    “Come on. You cannot have expected me to go push him down and make love with him, have you? A mere human cannot bear disinclined sexual intercourse with me.”
    Luxuria did not reply. She silently walked across the large navy blue room to the shiny wooden door. When she was about to leave, she suddenly looked back at the fair-haired man emotionlessly and lifted her left hand. An enormous burning sword appeared in front of the man and stabbed him in the stomach.
    “Therefore, you used me as a substitute to satisfy your sex drive. What a splendid insult, Leviathan.”
    Luxuria slammed the heavy bronze door as she left, creating a deafeningly loud noise. In the room, the sword had disappeared. Leviathan, with black blood pouring out of his abdomen, gradually transformed into a grey cloud of mist and eventually vanished when a freezing gust of wind blew over.
    The lifeless-looking beauty in white lay still in a king-sized indigo canopy bed, covered in thick fluffy azure blankets. Her long straight colorless hair scattered the mattress like venomous snakes creeping toward her. Despite her anemic complexion and bloodless lips, she still looked elegantly enchanting with thick curly eyelashes and straight symmetrical nose.
    As the tall broad-shouldered man with mountain man haircut walked in the turquoise-colored room, letting in beams of golden sunlight, the sleeping girl’s eyelashes fluttered and she opened her eyes.
    “Long time no see, brother Castitas.”
    A surprised look crossed the man’s face when he heard her soft-spoken voice. Slowly, he went up to the bed in the middle of the room. He smiled gently seeing his masculine figure reflected in her ruby-red irises and replied in his usual modulated low tone.
    “Good morning, Patienta. It is already five months since you last woke up. What happened?”
    “My destined lover has just split up with her ex-boyfriend.”
    Sitting on the left edge of the bed, Castitas tenderly put his sister’s jumbling hair in place.
    “Has she? This must have been her longest-lasting relationship, two years. I am astonished that a rolling stone like her could go out with the same guy for more than five months.”
    Patienta nodded slightly in agreement. For an instant, Castitas thought he saw a furious expression on her face, but wrath had absolutely nothing to do with his gracious little sister.
    “Anyway, why are you so persistent in that woman? She is good-looking, but you are a hundred times as attractive as she is.”
    Patienta gazed at her brother doubtfully, her pretty eyes widened in wonder.
    “Why does her appearance matter?”
    Castitas stared back at her looking totally confused.
    “My goodness. Did you think that I fell in love with Luxuria because she is beautiful? Well, she actually is, but that is by no means the only reason for my love, isn’t it?” Patienta said. “And here I thought nobody understands me better than you do, brother.”
    A look of disapproval furrowed Castitas’ brows.
    “I cannot see anything good in that woman other than her appearance, and her overwhelming power.”
    Patienta only smiled in response. After a while, she whispered thoughtfully.
    “Do you think it is time I came back to being a hunter, brother?”
    “I would be glad if you did. But you do not have to force yourself.” Castitas raised an eyebrow.
    Patienta closed her eyes. Her eyelashes trembled for a few seconds before she opened her eyes again with a determined look on her face.
    “I have made up my mind, brother. I cannot wait any longer to make Luxuria return my feelings for her.”
    Castitas smirked.
    “Then, welcome back Heavengate Patienta, the second strongest hunter in history.”
    The floating white-haired girl was dressed in a sleeveless purple gown with illusion neckline, a grey fur stole worn loosely over her petite shoulders. Her black diamond-inlaid anklet glowed with a pale light around her colorless skin.
    “So tell me, why is it my fault that you kidnapped my brother and raped him?” she said.
    A wiry fair-haired man was being tied to a wooden chair with a thick rope. His white undershirt was stained with blood and dirt. His trousers were torn in places, showing some swollen bleeding wounds. Dreadful as he was, the blonde seemed a little too exuberant for a captive.
    “I did not rape him.” he pouted.
    “Attempted to, no difference. Don’t dodge my question.” the girl replied.
    “I did not know that you were siblings,” he smiled shyly. “I was jealous.”
    ”How very mature your reason is,” she said mockingly. “And did you seriously think you could rape him? He does not look that weak to me, pretty strong on the contrary.”
    “Who would have thought he was a hunter, little girl?” the fair-haired man sign regretfully.
    “Oh, you have a point,” she smiled proudly. “Brother’s ability to hide his identity is still as excellent as ever.”
    “That’s my man.” he exclaimed.
    “What do you mean?” she frowned. “You are not lovers.”
    “Not yet, but I will certainly sweep him off his feet in no time.” his chartreuse eyes shone with expectations.
    “I doubt that,” the ruby-eyed girl smiled amusedly. “because he is killing you right now. Normally I would ask him to give his captured demons a painless death, but I swear he will finish you in a very unpleasant way.”
    Realizing the uncharacteristic malice in her voice, the girl in purple quickly cast a spell of teleport to leave the dim-lit prison cell. When she had the last look at the captive before disappearing, she noticed a shady grin on his face.
    “Good fun talking to you, little girl,” he said. “Besides, talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Luxuria is not your lover either you know.”
    For the first time in her life, Patienta really felt the urge to kill someone in the cruelest way possible.

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    Re: A Story About LGBT (13+ alert)

    1. Have you read Bassim's posts?
    2. Vivacious red hair? No.

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