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Thread: At last

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    At last

    I have a plan for my winter vacation. First, my sisterand I will visit Kenting from January 24th to the 26th. We will go to the beach and watch the sunset there. Also, wewill visit the aquarium and learn about sea animals. Then, we will visit our auntin Kaohsiung and stay there for two weeks. We will help at her seafoodrestaurant, so we can make money and enjoy delicious seafood at the same time. At last, well go back home and get ready for the new semester.
    Is the last sentence in the above article acceptable?
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    I need native speakers' help.

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    Re: At last

    No it isn't, sitifan. You can use 'Finally' or "Lastly".
    "At last" can mean 'finally' but in a different context, eg. in "Ah, you're here at last!" = "Ah, finally you're here!" - meaning you're late.


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