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Thread: be owed

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    be owed


    There are many ways of using the verb owe

    storyline: Two boys found a bag full of money. They gave the bag to the police station. They were given $180 a reword.

    question: If the money the boys found had been yours, would you have given a reward?

    my answer: Yes I would have given them a reward because they are owed a reward. They are owed it. They are owed $180 or even more.

    Jessica renovated the car and had to pay a lot of money. She has put lots of effort into it. We are sisters and I think she is owed the car. (We should give the car to her)

    is the text in bold about right?


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    Re: be owed

    1. Yes I would have given them a reward because they were owed a reward. Fine. ("Given it to them" is more natural)

    They are owed it. Attractively simple and concise. I consider this response excellent.

    They are owed $180 or even more.
    Correct but unlikely usage.

    2. You renovate a house but not a car. You repair or restore a car.

    My sister Jessica spent a lot of money to repair the car. I think she deserves to own it." That is what I would say.

    "she is owed the car" is intelligible and correct, but less natural in my opinion.

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