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    Cool Would "pp." be used correctly here?

    Hello, I believe the abbreviation for a range of pages is "pp." However, I would like to know how to indicate that there are simply multiple pages. So, I am only looking to tell the receiver that there are 3 pages. Is it correct to write "pp.3"? Also, would I use a space after the period?

    (This is for a legal document - not sure if that changes the answer).

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    Re: Would "pp." be used correctly here?

    As you say, 'pp.' is used for a specific range of pages, e.g., 'pp.21-25' (space not necessary - it is an abbreviation) so it would be rather confusing to use it to mean three pages. I think you just have to say 'pages'. Or maybe '3 pgs' if you think it's clear to the reader what it means.

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