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    Question "~ing" VS "to + infinitive"

    I am a beginner at English.

    please, understand.

    my sentences may have a mistake grammatically.

    there is my question below.

    "My hobby was to collect famous singer' albums" is right? or

    "My hobby was collecting famous singer' albums" is right? or

    both sentences are right?

    thank you for reading this post.
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    Re: "~ing" VS "to + infinitive"

    I would delete 'a' before 'albums' and put it before 'famous singer'.

    Not a teacher.

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    Re: "~ing" VS "to + infinitive"

    I don't know what your post said before it was edited. As it stands right now, I would change "famous singer' albums" to "famous singers' albums".

    As to your question, you need to begin every sentence with a capital letter.

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