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    Future Arrangements


    It's quite common to use the Present Continuous for future arrangements!

    E.g.: My dad is leaving for Japan this evening.

    However, some people prefer "be going to" to that tense.

    Would it be incorrect to say that the Present Continuous is maybe the best option for my example, or there's no difference at all between one and the other tense?


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    Re: Future Arrangements

    "My dad is going to..." and "My dad is leaving for..." are equivalent to me. The only tiny difference I can think of is that if he's "leaving for" he is very likely leaving from where you are, whereas if he "is going to" he might be leaving from somewhere else.

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    Re: Future Arrangements

    There's a lot of overlap with future forms, but if the idea of an arrangement or appointment is important, then I would use the present continuous.

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