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    i want to improve my writing skills

    Good day sir/ma,
    please i need your help, this is my third time to rewrite my academic English for University purpose, i want to know is there any way i can improve to a better writing and what are the tricks.

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    Re: i want to improve my writing skills

    I'm afraid there are no tricks but I'd suggest two things.

    The long term approach: If you're committed to improve your writing skills, as ironic as it may sound, you should start to read as much as you can. In this way you will not only widen your vocabulary, but you'll start to recognise certain structures in the language that are vital, in this way you will end up learning grammar without even touching a grammar book.

    The short term approach: For academic writing I'd recommend grabbing a list of conjunctions (they connect sentences). Pretty much you can get away with a limited vocabulary and a good understanding of how to connect two ideas on paper.

    I hope this helps. I'm not a teacher, not even close.

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    Re: i want to improve my writing skills

    Most people want to find an easy way in writing, but there is not. The point is write as much as you can.

    -just a regular guy
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    Re: i want to improve my writing skills

    For a start, you should get these things right (simple though it may sound):

    - Capitalization - Capitalize the first word of a sentence, the addressees (Sir/Madam) and your 'I's'

    - Punctuation - Use a full-stop/period when necessary. It is no good to cram all that you want to say in one long sentence by using commas.

    - Spacing - Allow space between paragraphs.

    IMO, there is no shortcut to improving your writing. It is all about practice, getting feedback on your writing from others and getting your work corrected if your grammar needs to be improved. You could go to the 'Writing and Editing' section of the forum for this purpose. I find interactive learning like what this forum provides, very effective.

    not a teacher

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