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    help me-i've translated this INTO english

    Can ANYONE read this through and correct it so that it would "sound" English? Please I need it NOW?! I've put "/" in places where I wasn't sure which word or phrase to put:
    It is quite certain that the 21st century will be the century of elderly people. Within the last half a century the number of the elderly in the world has been doubled, the lifetime has been lengthened, which has caused the population to grow old and which points out the need of overall activity of society in the field of rehabilitation of the elderly in institutional social and health care.
    Recognizing/perceiving the principles of WHO (World Health Organization), it is being shown that the importance of rehabilitation comes from its up-to-date conception based upon overcoming the fragmentation of medicine into many specialities and also from a tendency to recognize a human as a biological-psychological-sociological individual who, except/besides physical or mental changes, has other problems, as well-emotional, social and economic.
    In this regard, the basic aim of rehabilitation of the elderly is enabling them to take care of themselves, performing activities in everyday life, meeting/satisfying their basic life needs and making them as independent as possible lest they would depend upon someone else's nursing and help.
    Interdisciplinary approach to the elderly as one of the basic principles of gerontology has made a social worker indispensable in a rehabilitation team, assigned the task of helping the elderly with solving social problems resulting from their condition, aiming at providing higher quality of life for/of the disabled.
    Recognizing demographic, sociological, gerontological and other
    elements, it is estimated that the following/next/subsequent period
    will bring further and considerable/noticeable increase/growth/rise of/in number of the elderly, and therefore/for that reason public concern for the elderly should be one of the (basic) elements of well-drafted/outlined up-to-date social policy.
    The social work centre has an important part in its conduct. It is necessary for the social work centre to recognize the problems of the elderly, through several aspects/various forms of social care, both formal and informal, professional and volunteer work. It works on/at improving of providing service of professional social work: diagnostics, counselling, mediation/mediating and organizing protection, service for the elderly in a network of clubs, help in the house or providing a guardian/tutor. All of this/above mentioned should result in introducing the problems and needs of the elderly to the local communitythe local community becoming acquainted with the problems and needs of the elderly, creating a climate/an atmosphere which provides support for preserving integrity and independence of personality of the elderly and the justification of social roles.

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    Re: help me-i've translated this INTO english

    1 Not really happy with either- taking the principles into consideration...
    2 either
    3 either
    4 for
    5 following
    6 it depends- considerable is bigger than noticeable
    7 any
    8 either
    9 either
    10 carer???
    11 the
    Sorry to be so brief, but I have to pack as I am moving country tomorrow morning.

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    Re: help me-i've translated this INTO english

    THANKS tdol!
    Any other suggestions? Anyone?

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