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    Possesive Pronouns-indefinite Article-"devotion" Word

    Hi! How is Sunday going? Thanks in advance!

    My questions:

    1.- Possessive pronoun. "My". Can I leave it out?

    "My" home is a prison cell. Would it have the same meaning?

    2.- Take a look at this sentence.

    On "A" Sunday I had to go to school. Can you believe it?.

    I would like to mean "I had to go there on Sunday, but it´s not
    known which Sunday"
    Can I use the indefinite article or should I say that in a different
    way?. Maybe "One Sunday", "A Sunday"? I´m not sure.

    3.- "Devotion". Can I use this word to mean someone believes in
    God and practices one kind of religion.

    "My friend´s devotion to God is really huge"

    Enjoy the last day of the week!


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    Re: Possesive Pronouns-indefinite Article-"devotion" Word

    1 You could, but then it could either refer to your home or to homes in general. However, the rest of the text would make it clear what you meant.
    2 I would change the word order- I had to go to school on a Sunday. (It sounds better to me coming after the verb rather than at the beginning)
    3 Yes, you can. I'd say 'great' rather than 'huge', though.

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