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    Usingenglish android app


    The country I'm living in blocks everything including googleplay where I downloaded the Usingenglish app for android before the blockade. However, as I am switching to a new android phone, I just can't sort out a way to install the app on my new phone due to the blockade. While admitting the bad luck, I wonder if there are any other sources where I could download the setup file, run it and install it on my new phone apart from googleplay. Or is there any possibility you could email me the setup file by email at [email protected]? Thanks.

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    Re: Usingenglish android app

    Try using one of these to access the download page:

    For reference, our app can be found at:
    I'm not a teacher, so please consider any advice I give in that context.

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    Re: Usingenglish android app

    Much as I would welcome the android application, I find the current one rather challenging to read - I don't know why the version I have downloaded from the link above doesn't support any colour formatting Or is there something wrong with my device (which is quite old and probably dated)

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