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    "a village just north of"?

    "David was the son of Jesse. Jesse was from a family in Bethlehem, a village just north of Hebron. Jesse had eight sons. The three oldest sons went with Saul to war. David, the youngest son, took care of his father's sheep at Bethlehem."

    adv.(jəst, jĭst; jŭst when stressed)1. Precisely; exactly: just enough salt.
    2. Only a moment ago: He just arrived.
    3. By a narrow margin; barely: just missed being hit; just caught the bus before it pulled away.
    4. At a little distance: just down the road.
    5. Merely; only: just a scratch.
    6. Simply; certainly: It's just beautiful!
    7. Perhaps; possibly: I just may go.

    Does the word "just" have the sense of "at a little distance" in this context, please?

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    Re: "a village just north of"?


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