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Thread: Urgent asking

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    Urgent asking

    Dear All,

    It's mayflower who need your urgent answer for clarifying sentence below:
    " Thanks
    Send via blackberry"

    If it's difficult for you then pls pay attention to the context.
    Here above in "" is the email from my boss. he askes me to clarify some information and after receiving my email for full explaination then he sends mail to me.
    As my knowledge, " blackberry should be a kind of fruit and no more. does it implicit idiometic meaning ???

    I hope to receive your answer soon as I need to understand what my boss is talking about.

    Best regards,

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    Re: Urgent asking

    Mayflower, "blackberry" is a brand name for a wireless email device. Click on the link below to see what a blackberry looks like:

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