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    Cool Difference between "Assume" and "Presume"


    Kindly explain me the exact difference between Assume and Presume. Can we use Assume where Presume to be used or vice versa.

    Thank you for your quick reply to my earlier post.


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    Re: Difference between "Assume" and "Presume"

    Welcome, murli.

    [1] I assume you're going to lunch.

    => I notice it's 12:00 p.m., you've got what appears to be your lunch bag in hand, and so I deduce that you're going to lunch. My assumption is based on deduction.

    [2] I presume you're going to lunch.

    => It's 12:00 and you've got what appears to be your lunch bag in hand, and I notice nothing, not the time, not what you are carrying. I am on my way to lunch, so I presume that you, too, must be going to lunch. My presumption is based on my own experience, on what I think, and not on the facts at hand.

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