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    present perfect/ simple past

    Hello everybody! I've just done an exercise coming from this wonderful website and I have some doubts; I can't understand why I have to use the simple past in the following sentences; I would have opted for the present perfect:

    "I never KNEW my grandmother because she died before I was born" ----------> Does "I have never known..." sound wrong?

    "I just SAW Meg and Brian at the party" -------------->What about "I have just seen"?

    Maybe the second sentence can have a double meaning:
    "I saw just Meg and Brian at the party": I saw them and no one else, the party has already finished, it was in the past.
    "I have just seen Meg and Brian at the party": I've just met them and I'm still at the party.

    Do you agree?

    Thank you in advance!
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    Re: present perfect/ simple past

    In the first only the simple past works for me.

    In the second, either one works for me, but the word "just" favors the present perfect. They have the same meaning for me.

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