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Why predicate instead of verb?

The predicate contains the verb and its complements.

Ex: Eve gave Adam the apple. predicate

Subject = Eve
Predicate = gave Adam the apple.

If we want to look inside the predicate, we parse it as follows,

Verb = gave
Direct object = the apple
Indirect Object = Adam

Precisely. Thus my question. Raelynn posted:
  • Pattern 3: Sub + Predicate + Ind.Object + Direct Object
    Pattern 4: Sub + Linking Verb + Predicate Noun
    Pattern 5: Sub + Linking Verb + Predicate adjective
    Pattern 6: Sub = Predicate + Direct Object + Obj. Complement
    Pattern 7: Sub + Predicate Direct Object Adjective Complement

Shouldn't pattern 4 and pattern 6 have Verb where Predicate is?