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    I'm looking for a specific phrase list

    I know all about prepositional phrases, adverbial phrases, and several other types of phrases, BUT there is a Phrase list I'm looking for based on the word endings....... This clearly has nothing to do with if a preposition or a verb or an adverb, ETC (ANYTHING CAN BE IN IT) is in it......all I want is as compilation BASED ON THE WORDS THAT END THE PHRASES/CLAUSES. E.G. "All over the world" is a prepositional phrase, but it's not because it's a prepositional phrase that I'm looking for it, instead I'm looking for it because the word WORLD ended it. What this means is that if there is such a list, you will find other clauses for WORLD like; 1. Under world, 2. Top of the world, 3. See the world, e.t.c. It's just meant to be a compilation done specifically to have phrases ending with specific words. I'm looking for a long list up to TEN THOUSAND of such phrases. It's just meant to be something like a long list of COLLOCATIONS, but collocations lists I see aren't lists based on words that end the phrases/clauses. IF THERE ISN'T SUCH A LIST, CAN I FIND A LIST OF COLLOCATIONS THAT IS JUST A LIST, WITHOUT DEFINITIONS????? I DON'T NEED ANY DEFINITIONS IN THE COLLOCATION LIST.I JUST WANT TO SEE EITHER AN ALPHABETICAL LUST OF COLLOCATIONS OR A RANDOM LIST. THANKS.
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    Re: I'm looking for a specific phrase list

    Your post is unreadable as written. Please click on Edit Post and put in some paragraph breaks. Don't write all in capitals. Tidy up your post and we might be able to help you.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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