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    1) The paradox is: Fatigue is caused by feeling fatigued. Weariness comes from quitting.

    Can anyone explain this for me?

    2) It wasn't hard for them to verify what a losing proposition I had been.

    What is a losing proposition?

    Thank you.

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    Re: paradox

    Weariness comes from continually trying, working etc
    Losing proposition means simply to continue with whatever it is would be of no benifit to them..........not very good

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    Re: paradox

    I disagree with the first part of John's post.

    (1) Fatigue is caused by feeling fatigued.
    Weariness comes from quitting.

    It reads like a smarandanche tautology:

    Being tired is a feeling, it'll pass. But if you act on that feeling, say quit, and continue that pattern you will eventually become weary;i.e., you will eventually become reluctant to take on other e.g., jobs, assignments, etc. "Weariness comes from quitting"; Paradox: It's not the other way around: quitting comes from weariness.

    In addition to John's post,

    (2) "a losing proposition I had been" means, s/he wasn't worth consideration by others.

    To propose, a verb, means to put forth something for consideration by others. Proposition, a noun, refers to the thing that was put forth for consideration.

    Hope that helps.

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